Change 2 Change 2017

Hello Bruins. Give yourself a big ol’ pat on the back. We are so proud of you guys for your generous donations and help making this years Change 2 Change so successful. We had a goal of 12,000. In attempt to reach that goal we held bake sales everyday, sold Twin Falls Bruin t-shirts, had jug collectors, reached out to business all around the Magic Valley, checked in everyday into each of your advisorys, and a ton more. With your help we were able to provide Christmas gifts, clothing, and food for 10 families in need this season. We made over 10,000 dollars!!! The seniors won the class competition but the juniors were SO close in second place, only about a hundred dollar difference. Once again, thank you to everyone who helped out and donated. Here are some pictures from our assembly and pictures from last saturday when the student council went out to shop, wrap all the gifts, and deliver them to the familes.



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